Asclepius One Health Platform
Motivating the change

Asclepius One Health Platform
Motivating the change

Based in Greece, and founded in 2019,
Asclepius OH already has a proven record
of successful projects and cooperation
with many organizations

An independent international
non profit organization
non profit think tank

Research & Technological Development (RTD) Incubator
A scientific reference network for Health


The establishment of “Asclepius One Health” platform as a think tank of One Health, both in Greece and abroad, creating value through high know-how and innovation, being at the same time a strategic forum, aimed at building the connection between science and policy, which will ensure Global Health security.


• We work to create a civil society where Integrated Health applications will be an integral part of it, gaining multiple benefits for Public Health, through research and innovative ideas and actions.

• We understand today more than ever the need for timely and integrated risk management for human and animal health, and the balance of ecosystems.

Asclepius OH actively participates in international networks and collaborates with institutions, agencies and institutes in Europe and worldwide.

It carries out and participates in informative activities, through publications, information and the organization of conferences, training seminars, working group meetings and research projects.

Asclepius OH collaborates with a wide network of institutions in all sectors (such as public sector bodies, Non-Governmental Organizations, SMEs, universities, research centres, companies, funding institutions, etc).

• Providing innovative One Health solutions
• Both human and animal health
• Novel approaches to the research of therapy of zoonotic diseases
• Promoting One Health Science
• Translating into products and services highly valued by medical and veterinary practitioners

A  think tank that aims to enhance…
..the ecological and environmental factors which drive and affect these diseases

…understanding and preparedness for current and future outbreaks of zoonoses

…emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases in humans and animals

…antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

…climate change

…the transfer of technology and know-how in the field of Health and Agriculture worldwide

…food security

…balancing the symmetrical relationship between Human and Animal wellbeing

…constant information of the Greek and international public opinion, with the simultaneous organization of educational and training activities

…digital Health

…creating a collaborative framework in order to improve monitoring, prevention and control of emerging diseases.

…obtain real world data through our network

…demonstrating significant correlations between various factors (disease, animal, human, environment) in a One Health perspective

…suggesting changes in therapeutic approaches and implementing preventive measures

…conducting pre-clinical and clinical studies

…hosting webinars series

…e-health solutions

…training to improve strategies that the health community should improve by changing the approach to preventing and controlling the current crisis and future threats

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Contact Us

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