The One Health Committee of the Panhellenic Veterinary Association, in collaboration with the World Health Insurance Center at Chatham House (London, United Kingdom) and the One Health Platform, organized this forum which had a huge impact on the field of health professionals and made the difference.

The 1st One Health Forum was the occasion to present in our country what exactly One Health is and to discuss the implementation of different operational mechanisms of One Health, through proposing solutions to make a greater contribution of communities and the private sector in the sustainable implementation of One Health in Greece and internationally.

Through the creation of this 1st Forum, we managed to highlight the concept of OH by mobilizing individuals and organizations from all the fields, as only a few meetings had been held until then.

Internationally renowned speakers from both Greece and abroad, as well as representatives of the political leadership participated. Indicatively, we mention the following:

  • Athina Trachili – President of the Panhellenic Veterinary Association: “The significance of embracing One Health for the Greek Veterinarians”
  • Dr. Olympia Teligioridou – Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Food: “Greece – A unique country crossroads of three continents and superb Center for One Health Innovation”
  • Dr. Johnson Chiang – President World Vet Association: “One Health Leadership”
  • Professor Albertus Osterhaus – Director of the National Influenza Center (NIC) and WHO Collaborating Centre for Arboviruses and Hemorrhagic Fever Reference and Research
  • Professor Andy Peters – Professor of Tropical Medicine University Of Edinburgh: “Experience from control and prevention interventions that enhance One Health in developing and developed countries. What is missing?”
  • Dr. Laurence Rahme – Harvard University: “Translating One Health R&D to valuable products for humans and animals”
  • Professor Alkiviadis Vatopoulos – Dean of the National School of Public Health: “What is the importance of One Health in Greece – case study of AMR”
  • Dr. Michalis Katsiboulas, PhD, Staff Research Scientist (Assistant Professor Level) Center for Experimental Surgery, Biomedical Research Foundation, Academy of Athens: “Translational Surgical Research in Greece

And many more