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“Asclepius One Health” is an independent Non-Profit Organization for Health and a scientific reference network (think tank) for health. An international One Health platform with global action and activity, based in Greece, aiming to improve the health of humans, animals, and the environment through the planning and implementation of specific actions that require the inter-scientific and cross-sectoral cooperation of the scientific community and those responsible for health policy makers.

It, also, aims to enhance the understanding and preparedness of existing and future threats, such as emerging and re-emerging diseases affecting humans and animals (animal-human diseases, pandemics), the environmental factors that lead to these diseases and affect microbe resistance, the food crisis, etc.

Our goal is “Asclepius One Health” to be an inspiration for the future generations, for “One Health For All”.

Eleni Pavlidou, Chairman of the Board

Our Vision

Our mission is to create a civil society, where the objectives of One Health will be an integral part of it, reaping multiple benefits for Public Health, through innovative ideas and actions. Our goal is for “Asclepius – One Health” to be an inspiration for the upcoming generations to attain “One Health for All”.

Leading Health Professionals armed with various specialties stand by our side in this attempt, who with their experience contribute to its implementation.


Our Objectives

Our Mission

Recognizing the need for timely and comprehensive management of human and animal health risks and the balance of ecosystems, we work with the mission of creating a civil society where Integrated Health applications will be an integral part of it, reaping multiple benefits for the Public Health through research, innovative ideas and actions.


Our Values

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