Network of Supporters

“Asclepius – One Health”, in the context of its goals, collaborates with recognized organizations based in Greece and all over the world, aiming at the dissemination of the goals, ideas and applications included in the scientific concept and definition of One Health and Public Health in general. In this context, “Asclepius – One Health” co-signs Memorandum of Understanding and of Good Practice with academic and research institutions, with government and private bodies and thus establishes a wide, global Network of Supporters.

“Asclepius One Health” would like to thank its supporters, who contribute to highlighting the importance of One Health and building the relationship between science and politics, with the vision to establish health insurance.
We are proud to have been honored with their help.

How to become a Donor

You can also become a donor of Asclepius One Health at any time by strengthening its action, undertaking all or part of the costs related to specific projects (or a specific project) in Greece or abroad.
All donors  are posted in the website’s special category.
Contact us to discuss how you can support our effort for “One Health For All”.