The 1st One Health Webinar was held with great success, on March 30, 2023, by “Asclepius One Health” and the “Laboratory of Experimental and Applied Psychology of the SCG –Scientific College of Greece”, which was attended both hybridly by veterinarians, doctors, psychologists, dentists, etc., and also physically by many students of the College.

The Introductory seminar, inaugurates the beginning of a series of actions and seminars, under the auspices of the two organizations, as, in “Asclepius One Health”, we believe that the education and information of citizens is the most important pillar of the strategy of One Health.

We thank once again, the Laboratory of Experimental and Applied Psychology of the SCG – Scientific College of Greece, which believed in and supports this effort, and especially Mr. Dimitrios Vlastos, Professor – Researcher of Psychology, Academic Coordinator of the Department of Psychology and Director of the Laboratory.

All together, through the strategy of One Health, we will design a Sustainable Future for Everyone.