According to the World Health Organization (WHO), One Health is an integrated approach to the design and implementation of programs, governmental policies and legislative interventions, in addition to scientific research, that converge and function together to achieve the best possible benefits in the Public Health field.
Being based in Greece, “Asclepius – One Health” constitutes a key pillar and the most reliable partner for the promotion and integration of One Health in innovative actions that serve the protection of Public Health and the partnership – synergy of different scientific specialties towards this direction.
“Asclepius – One Health” cooperates with prominent scientists, public and private bodies in Greece, Europe and worldwide, having as its primary goals the progress and well-being of people and animals through surveillance and the prevention of diseases affecting animals and consequently humans through co-morbidity or the food chain (zoonotic disease).
The World Health Organization has defined the control of zoonoses (mainly diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans), the appendant food safety and the fight against antibiotic resistance caused by their excessive use in humans and animals, as its primary fields of action, yet not the only ones. Therefore, new actions are needed. And new methods are required as well.
Throughout this “dogma”, that is the confluence and concurrence of many scientific fields that refer to the interactive human-animal-environment correlation, One Health’s answers come into play, and the core of its actions as well.
The World Health Organization has concluded that humanity must immediately take a new path and combine the knowledge and research of scientists and professionals who have been operating individually until now. Therefore, those who are active in Public Health, Animal Health and the protection of ecosystems, must meet in the “common ground” of One Health. In this scientific directive, which is not new, but is now increasingly recognized, “Asclepios – One Health” is steadily stepping on. With the contribution of its actions, its initiatives and the scientific knowledge of its collaborators, multidisciplinary reactions compose frontal, unified (undivided) and unshakeable answers for Public Health. For the Health of us all.