«Asclepius One Health» is an independent Non-Profit Organization for Health, and a scientific reference network (think tank) for health with global activity serving the development, dissemination, and implementation of the principles of One Health, via research and training.

«Asclepius’s One Health» commitment to institutional independence is rooted in the individual independence and integrity of its members and researchers. The integrity and objectivity of its members and researchers and their research constitute the Foundation’s principal assets.

«Asclepius One Health» respects and protects the objectivity of its members and researchers and academic freedom. It provides a workplace that is supportive and inclusive, protects copyright and intellectual property rights and research data, and it helps researchers amplify the impact of their research and policy recommendations.

«Asclepius One Health» provides a forum for public debate and is a hub of production and circulation of ideas. «Asclepius’s One Health» institutional policy prohibits research misconduct, such as intentional misrepresentation in performing research or in reporting research results, plagiarism and taking credit for the ideas and achievements of others. In its research, it respects the biological and spiritual integrity of man, human dignity, and the principle of non-discrimination on the basis of sex, race ethnic origin, language, religion, disability, political belief and socioeconomic status.

In this context, «Asclepius One Health» has set up a Research Ethics Committee (REC), responsible for safeguarding the implementation of our foundation’s guide on research ethics, and for auditing, evaluating and advising the legal and ethical aspects of research. Additionally, «Asclepius’s One Health» researchers comply with the legislation about data protection and collaborate with «Asclepius’s One Health» Data Protection Officer. Researchers request the written consent and advice of the REC and plan their research accordingly. They ensure the confidentiality of information and assess the effects that any voluntary or involuntary disclosure of personal data might have on the participants.

«Asclepius’s One Health» members and researchers conduct research in line with the requirements of the legislation enforcing the protection of intellectual property and inventions protected by a patent.

«Asclepius’s One Health» promotes research findings and independent information, analysis and policy proposals, contributing to public dialogue.

«Asclepius’s One Health» promotes collaborative efforts to advance the public good through working with other think tanks, foundations, universities, and the private sector, as well as government officials.

«Asclepius’s One Health» promotes full transparency regarding its funding sources, as well as the terms of collaboration with its public and private funders.