The team of «Asclepius One Health» visited Nairobi, Kenya from 10-18 November 2022. The team members who participated in the expedition were the following: Prof. Serafeim Papadimitriou, Dr. Erricos Tsipianitis, Dr. Julia Chortara.

On the 11th of November Asclepius OH was represented at the 2nd Annual KESCAVA Congress, held at the Kenya Veterinary Board. The topics of the lectures were as follows: “Dental scaling and polishing” and “From the medical history to the examination of the oral cavity” by Dr. Julia Chortara and “Indications and techniques of teeth extractions in dogs and cats” by Prof. Serafeim Papadimitriou.
The scientific program of the conference was continued on the 12th of November, where our team members hosted a dental wet lab, with the participation of 50 vets. Our team got the chance to meet with the Kenyan colleagues in person and were educated on the everyday difficulties veterinarians are facing in Kenya. In the following days, visits were made to small animal practices of the KESCAVA member veterinarians.
Thank you to the team of “Asclepius OH”, who travelled the concept of One Health “Out of Africa”.