The 3rd of November of each year has been nominated as Global One Health Day.
This year, “Asclepius – One Health” connected the celebration of World One Health Day with its presence at the 6th One Health World Congress, which concludes today.
“Asclepius – One Health” was the only organization from Greece that participated, with its own session, at the World Conference, with distinguished speakers, both from Greece and abroad.
The purpose of the World One Health Day is to disseminate the goals and scientific pursuits of One Health around the world, as well as to raise awareness and inform the global public opinion.
Furthermore, it is a day of multifaceted actions that intends to highlight, as much as possible, the need and benefits of interdisciplinary actions and initiatives that give prominence to the interactions and challenges between humans, animals and ecosystems.
The 3rd of November arrives every year as a symbolic reminder that countless scientists, health professionals, institutions, scientific organizations, institutes, universities and private organizations work for the protection and preservation of Public Health, unite their voices and align their actions in order that infectious diseases, antimicrobial resistance, the effects of climate change and environmental pollution and a host of other problems can be encountered and counteracted on the basis of a holistic, integrated and multidisciplinary approach.