Dr. Anastasia Komnenou is Prof. of Surgery-Comparative Ophthalmology-Exotic and Wildlife Medicine, at the School of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, AUTH.

Her research interests and activities include Wildlife Health and Conservation, Marine Mammal Medicine and Comparative Ophthalmology in companion, large, exotic and wild animals.

She is offering medical advice and consultation related to Zoo and Wildlife Animal issues in all regions of Greece in collaboration with National Ministries, Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centers and Port Police Authorities.

Dr Komnenou is “National Focal Point on Wildlife” of “OIE- World Organization for Animal Health”.

She is also Member of the Hellenic Scientific Committee of CITES, Member of the Scientific Committee and Coordinator of the “Hellenic National Marine Mammal Stranding Network”, Co-founder, Chair and Chief Veterinarian of “ARION-Cetacean, Rescue & Rehabilitation Research Center” and ex-“East Mediterranean Regional Representative and Focal Point” in the “ACCOBAMS-Agreement of 22 Mediterranean, Black Sea and Atlantic Region Countries for the protection of Cetaceans”.

In addition, Dr. Komnenou is Founder and Head of the “Student Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Team” of the School of Veterinary Medicine, AUTH, Scientific Advisor for the Hellenic Wildlife Care Association ANIMA, of “ARCTUROS-Civil Society for the Protection and Management of Wildlife and the Natural Environment”, Florina, Greece, as well as Scientific Advisor and Head Veterinarian of the “Hellenic Mediterranean Monk Seal Society- Mom”.

She has got many awards for these activities. She has published more than 90 scientific papers and 200 conference abstracts. She is member of many Hellenic and International Scientific Societies.